Arctic Sound P301 Headset Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅02-03-11
Packaging and Overall Look

The Arctic Sound P301 comes in Arctic’s usual grey, white and black packaging. There are a few plastic windows at the front of the packaging to show off the headset itself, its in-line remote and its two 3.5mm audio connectors. Unlike the Sound P321, the Sound P301 does not have USB connectivity. As far as I know, both of the previously mentioned headsets are similar in terms of specifications with the exception of connectivity and bass boost control (featured on the Sound P321).

Although it will be further discussed afterwards, the earcups of the Sound P301 are very close to the plastic window. The leather covering the earcups can actually be damaged because of friction against this plastic window.

The front of the packaging

The back of the packaging lists several features of the Sound P301: high fidelity driver, closed circumaural design, etc. As always, this information is listed in different languages including English, German, French, etc.

There is also Arctic’s usual chart that grades the audio performance of the product on a scale of 1 to 10. According to Arctic, the Sound P301 scores 9/10 on bass, highs, clarity and comfort. It scores a bit less for noise isolation at 8/10. Regardless of its low-price, Arctic is confident that the Sound P301 offers exceptional sound performance that rivals the company’s more expensive products.

The back of the packaging

The Sound P301 comes with the bare minimum. In other words, only the headset itself is included in the packaging. No user manual is provided, but I suspect that it would be useless to include one because the usage and installation of the headset are straightforward and intuitive for the majority of users.

The Arctic Sound P301 comes with no accessories

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