Arctic Sound P301 Headset Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅02-03-11
Closer Look: Headset and Earcups

The Arctic Sound P301 is a closed circumaural headset. It uses the company’s usual colours including black, grey and white. The overall design is subdue, but it is attractive nonetheless.

The Arctic Sound P301

The product’s name is printed on each side of the earcups: Arctic S (Sound) P301. There is a black horizontal plastic stripe near the center of each of the earcups to add a bit of style to the headset. Each earcup is identified as left or right on the headband.

The product’s logo is printed on each of the earcups

The Arctic Sound P301 does not have a neck split. As such, the audio cable connects to only one of the two earcups. Headphones with leads to each earcups are usually more encumbering than those with a single lead, especially when removing the headphones from the head. I’m glad that this is not the case with this headset.

The audio cable connects only to the right earcup of the Arctic Sound P301

As it was mentioned earlier, the Arctic Sound P301 has a closed circumaural design. Its circular earcups are large enough to encompass the ears. Each earcups has a 1.5cm thick padding with leather covering. The padding itself is not very stiff and it should be comfortable even for long usage. I feel that the padding could have been a bit softer though.

The Arctic Sound P301 features leather-cushioned earcups

Because the headphones were very close to the plastic window of the packaging, the earcups rubbed against the plastic and the leather shell was slightly damaged. Arctic should make changes to the packaging to avoid this.

The leather of the right earcup suffered minor damages during shipment

In order to enhance overall comfort when wearing the Sound P301, Arctic raised the padding of the back of the earcups in order to mimic the shape of the human head. It is a nice detail to the product, but even this modification did not allow the earcups to sit perfectly flush on my head.

The earcups try to follow the shape of the human head with its raised padding at the back

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