Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅12-11-10
Driver and Software

The ARCTIC Sound P311comes with a short user manual that explains how to setup the headset with various smartphones, such as the iPhone, and how to use the device properly

Download the User Manual: Link

Setup with smartphones is very straightforward. The same can be said with the PC too. Once the device is set in pairing mode (pressing and holding the main button for 7 seconds), the ARCTIC Sound P311 can be added to your Bluetooth devices. Windows XP and Windows 7 will automatically install the appropriate drivers. If you are using a Bluetooth 2.1 capable host device, you will also be able to set a passcode to secure the connection.

Two new playback devices and a recording device will be added to your sound control panel. Skype 5 will detect the Bluetooth device and it will ask whether or not you want to use it as the default device for calls. There are two new playback devices because each is used for a different task: the Bluetooth Audio Renderer for normal playback and the Bluetooth Hands-free Audio for calls.

The ARCTIC Sound P311 in the Sound control panel on Windows 7

Once the pairing is done, the ARCTIC Sound P311 will be automatically detected. If you set the ARCTIC Sound P311 to be your default playback and recording device, then playback will be automatically outputted to the headphones instead of your speakers (or whatever is the second default playback device) when it powers on.

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