Arctic Z1-3D Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅29-06-18
Packaging & Included Parts

The Z1-3D comes in a very sturdy box with the Arctic logo in the top right corner and information about the Z1-3D in the top left.

On the opposing side of the box there is a diagram with some of the key features, and to the right of that, there is a table of the specifications.

With the Z1-3D there is a huge selection of almost all the items needed to assemble the arm. The only thing that does not come included is a Philips head screwdriver which is required for the VESA mounting. The box does, however, include

1 x Pole
1 x Mounting head
1 x Pole clamp
1 x Cable clip
1 x Decoration plate
3 x Hex key (3mm, 4mm, 5mm)
1 x Grommet
1 x Gas spring arm
1 x Extension arm
1 x clamp
1 x USB hub
1 x UK power adapter (country specific)
4 x M4/M5 spacer
4 x M6 Screws (12mm)
4 x M5 Screws (12mm)
4 x M5 Screws (30mm)
4 x M4 Screws (12mm)
4 x M4 Screws (30mm)
1 x Spring screw
1 x Allen screw
1 x Nut
1 x User guide

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