Arctic Z1-3D Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅29-06-18
Included Parts (Continued)

The main gas lift and extension arm are constructed from Aluminium which makes the relatively lightweight but also durable. The main arm features a rubberised top section whereas the extension arm features a plastic one. The main arm uses a gas-lift that enables it to be smoothly moved into the optimal position. The strength of the gas-lift can also be adjusted by using one of the included hex keys.

The clamp and grommet plate are made from metal and are very strong. The clamp uses a swivel to tighten mechanism that is older in design but very functional. The grommet plate is only required if you plan to permanently mount the arm to your desk.

The USB hub is also made from a durable metal as it has to help support the weight of the arm as well as the monitor. The hub is powered by the mains and has 4 built-in USB 3.0 ports. The built-in cable is very thick and measures in at 2m, this would give you a good deal of slack to have your monitor a good distance away from your PC. The power adapter - UK in this case, is plastic and has a long cable with a barrel plug on the end.

The rear of the USB hub provides access to the mains power input which is located inside a cut-out at the side. At the very most rear, there is a small hole that allows you to tighten the monitor pole once it has been installed.

All the small accessories that come with the Z1-3D are high quality and are well made. The cable clip and pole clamp do feel a bit cheaper than the rest of the parts, but they are still strong enough to do their job. The VESA mounting head is again metal and feels robust; it's also compatible with the 75/100 standard meaning it will work with most modern PC monitors. The pole is a high polished metal which is again quite premium in its construction.

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