Arctic Z1-3D Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅29-06-18

Performance wise the Z1-3D offers so much. In terms of flexibility, the gas-lift combined with the 3D design allows you to move and position your monitor in a multitude of ways, you can place the monitor vertically as well as adjust the height and distance away from your sitting position. This usually requires some minor dis-assembly or other adjustments to be made. With the Z1-3D all you have to do is simply move it. The only real thing that does require a bit of effort is to adjust the height, but everything else is taken care of. The 3D design allows the monitor to be rotated or swivelled a full 360 as well as up to a 45 tilt. With all this flexibility, you can position the arm in a way to improve the ergonomics and make it perfect for you; this is something that a lot of monitor stands cannot do. The cable management works great and allows you to achieve a really clean finish, the only minor issue with this is the built-in clips, these are not the most generous, and it is a bit of a squeeze to fit both the power and display cable in.

In conclusion, the Z1-3D from Arctic takes the standard monitor arm and enhances almost every aspect of it. This is evident as soon as you open the box as everything is carefully and individually packaged to make the assembly that much easier. This is not a clincher, but it does help improve the perceivable image that Arctic was aiming for. It then gets all the basics right as it nails home the build quality and also the design, both of which are fitting of the price tag. Then its additions like the USB hub, the gas-lift and 3D design where you start to get that additional value. The USB hub is both useful and fast; matching the speeds that were achieved on the front IO USB 3.0 ports as well as providing four additional ports to use for a USB flash drive or an SD card reader. The gas-lift and the 3D design easily allows you to tailor the position of the monitor to exactly where youd like which is great for not only style but also ergonomics.

The Z1-3D is maybe a bit pricey for a monitor arm, and if it were just a simple monitor arm, then that price would be too big an ask. But seen as it offers so much more than just what a standard arm offers, then that price does start to make sense.

The Arctic Z1-3D is a great evolution of the monitor arm thanks to the integrated USB hub, clever design and attention to detail in the construction.

+ Great build quality
+ Well thought out design
+ Offers more flexibility than some monitor stands
+ Integrated four port USB hub
+ Solid cable management

+- Could be a bit pricey for some

- None to note

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