Arozzi Colonna Microphone Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04-03-18
Those looking for a desktop USB microphone for streaming, recording podcasts, or for general recording purposes, may certainly want to consider a USB option, and if you are looking for something that represents good value, the Arozzi Colonna is certainly up to the task. The Colonna can be quickly setup for high quality recording out the box.

We, of course, would loved to have seen the Colonna feature more aluminium, such as on the buttons, dials and body. This would give a more professional, high-quality finish to the overall impression of the microphone. We also noted that the so called 'shielded cable', picked up some interference in our recording, which is slightly annoying also. Our restest did show that any RFI is likely to be curtailed by buying another, high quality shielded cable, this shouldn't be necessary, but if it is, it will eat into any savings had when choosing the Colonna over the competition. Regardless, at around 99/99 it can be found for 20-30 cheaper than the Blue Yeti, and can deliver some great results. So if you are looking for a new desktop microphone, keep an eye out for Arozzi and the Colonna.

The Arozzi Colonna is easy to setup, and is capable of recording high quality, detailed audio.

+ Solid build quality
+ Available in 4 colours
+ Various pick-up patterns for different use
+ On-board controls
+ High-quality recording
+ Headphone monitoring port
+ Plug and Play
+ 3m Cable
+ Price

+- Large/heavy
+- Plastic exterior

- Included cable picks up RFI/EMI

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