ASRock A88X Extreme6+ Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅20-01-14
BIOS & Software

The BIOS is attractive and well laid out, though felt laggy and unintuitive using the mouse, it was fine using the keyboard though. The main thing I found frustrating, was there was no 'current' and 'projected' clock speed present that makes note of any changes you make while tweaking overclocking.

The ASRock A-Tuning utility when installed alongside the relevant software, is a (nearly) all encompassing UI for all of the ASRock exclusive technologies. It would have been good to see the ASRock Home Cloud and the Sun Login tool for remote access integrated with this to help make the setup process more streamlined.

Generally, it looks clean and well laid out and offers something akin to what we see with ASUS motherboards, simplified performance, standard and power saving modes, access to ASRock exclusive technologies and software, an OC tweaker and live updates. Something I am very pleased to see, within the system information tab, you can find that the APU temperatures are read accurately and are clearly labelled along with the motherboard temperatures, while there are applications that do this for many AMD boards, they are often labelled vaguely like TMPin00 leaving the temperature labelled 'CPU' reading somewhere between -232 to 90 degrees C.

It is always fun to play with an OC tool within the operating system, yet some BIOS work will still be required to really allow any 'on the fly' changes, any 'applied' changes otherwise, will just cause a restart with no changes made, this is why it would be called an 'OC Tweaker', to tweak your already applied overclocks within the OS, handy to try and squeeze that little extra out of your benching sessions.

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