ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅21-09-11

Bearing the Fata1lty name means that the product in question has higher expectations, the real question is then – does the Fata1lty Z68 Professional Gen3 live up to these expectations?

Being a gaming orientated motherboard I was pleased to find plenty of features to satisfy those needs. Having the Gen3 moniker we have PCI-Express 3.0 support, although we are yet to see these graphics cards hit the market it makes good sense to those who are looking to invest in a new system to opt for a Gen3 Z68 motherboard than go with something that doesn’t support it. SATA ports come in abundance on our Fatal1ty offering – up to 6x SATA3 6G and 4x SATA 2 3G will keep those with plenty of drives content. Having the Z68 chipset we have the display ports on the I/O panel that correspond to Intel’s 2nd Generation chip that has an iGPU. We don’t just have one port here either – dual HDMI and a VGA will give you multiple monitor possibilities. Though those who have chosen the Fat1lty offering would probably be heading towards a discreet graphics solution – the Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 has support for 3-Way SLI and CrossfireX. We could go on and on about the features as there are plenty more to speak of – DrMos Led Debug and on-board power/reset buttons are also present and give the motherboard that edge over other options in the same price-range.

Furthermore Overclocking is something to be pleased about also. Entering the UEFI BIOS with just a few modifications we can be well on our way to that 5GHz milestone which as we have reported results in beneficial performance gains across a wide range of uses.

Though there are many wonderful aspects to this motherboard there are also some strange inclusions and omissions. We have an IDE slot for older device support which in my mind is a strange move – almost all the motherboards I have come to have experience with this year have completely phased this feature out of their motherboards as there is no market for it. SATA has superseded. If you are planning to use IDE with this motherboard then I would urge you to either upgrade your drive or look for a motherboard in the bargain bin. I would have liked to see a dedicated audio chip on the Fata1lty motherboard we have looked at today – being marketed as a professional gaming solution it ought to really be there especially as other motherboards that are in the same class have made arrangements for such a feature.

Priced at just over £200 inc. VAT (GBP) the Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 is a good option for those needing a solid, good looking, future-proofed Z68 motherboard. Though I would urge you to consider the Extreme4 Gen3 if you don’t need those added SATA ports, HDMI and 3-way graphics. It costs less and still offers rock solid performance.

The bottom line is ASRock’s Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 is a great looking motherboard that delivers some interesting performance results. It overclocks well, has lots of storage capabilities and many other useful features.

+ Looks great
+ Offers good performance
+ Overclocks very well
+ Lots of storage options
+ Multiple on-board monitor support

- IDE should be redundant
- Gaming professional motherboard should have dedicated audio chip

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