ASRock X79 Extreme4-M Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅25-11-11
Specification & Features


As expected, the trimmed mATX X79 ASRock motherboard has a few less features than its bigger brethren however, it still has the same features, just slightly less in number. We have 3x PCIe Gen3 slots, plenty for an SLI or Crossfire setup. There's also an additional PCI slot for those who still make use of this format. 10 USB 2.0 ports along with a further 2x USB 3.0 ports should be enough to ensure even the biggest peripheral setups are catered for. Perhaps the biggest omission is the loss of four DIMM sockets. 4GB modules are now becoming the norm for X79 chipsets so 16GB of DDR3, again should be plenty, especially as QUAD channel is supported. If that's not enough then the ASRock Extreme4-M motherboard supports expansion up to 32GB (although the X79 chipset supports up to 128GB I would have thought 64GB is feasible through the 4 DIMM slots should 16GB modules ever become available).

So all in all there really is not a great deal missing from the mATX motherboard, certainly nothing you would really miss unless you have a monster setup requiring masses of PCIe ports. So, what else does the ASRock Extreme4-M have to offer?


Digi Power - By adopting digital pulse-width modulation (PWM), the ASRock motherboard can provide CPU Vcore voltage more efficiently and smoothly. Compared to analog PWM, digital PWM can optimize the CPU power solution and provide a proper and stable Vcore for the processor.

Advanced 6+2 Power Phase - The advanced 6+2 Power Phase features sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. It offers unmatched overclocking capability and enhanced performance with the lowest temperatures for PC gaming enthusiasts.

Premium Gold Caps - Premium Gold Caps are luxury capacitors. These 100% Japan-made solid capacitors are sleek, high gloss caps with a premium gold coating representing long life and stable performance.

Next-Gen PCI-E 3.0 Support - The ASRock motherboards support the Next-Gen PCI-E 3.0! PCI Express 3.0 can maximize the bandwidth for the next-gen PCI Express 3.0 VGA cards, provide ultimate graphics performance.

X-FAN - Greater air flow, faster heat dissipation! ASRock X-FAN allows the motherboard to breathe smoothly. It will be automatically activated only when the system rises to a certain temperature under heavy-loading. Normally, ASRock X-FAN will remain deactivated to give users the quietest computing experience.

UEFI BIOS - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a revolutionary BIOS utility which offers tweak-friendly options in an advanced viewing interface. Compared with traditional BIOS design, the latest UEFI utility provides lots improved functions.

THX TruStudio - THX TruStudio is specially designed to bring the same great audio experience found in live performances, films, and recording studios to the PC.

AXTU - The All-in-1 Tuning Software - ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility (AXTU) is an all-in-one software to fine-tune different features in an user-friendly interface, which includes Hardware Monitor, Fan Control, Overclocking, OC DNA and IES.

XFast LAN Technology - ASRock XFast LAN is a smart productivity tool to help you manage your priorities of internet applications, simplify your digital life and accomplish more. The innovative features include : Internet Application Prioritization, Lower Latency in Game, Traffic Shaping and Real-Time Analysis of Your Data. It's the smartest way to control your web programs.

XFast RAM Technology - ASRock XFast RAM is a new function that is included into ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility (AXTU). It fully utilizes the memory space that cannot be used under Windows® 32-bit OS. ASRock XFast RAM also shortens the loading time of previously visited websites, making web surfing faster than ever. And it also boosts the speed of Adobe Photoshop 5 times faster. Another advantage of ASRock XFast RAM is that it reduces the frequency of accessing your SSDs or HDDs in order to extend their lifespan.

ASRock XFast Charger - XFast Charger is the best and fastest technology to charge your mobile devices via PC. With the superb XFast Charger USB port, users are assured to enjoy the quick charging experience anytime. In addition to Apple devices, it is also capable of Charging the BC 1.1 standard smart devices.

ASRock XFast USB Technology - ASRock XFast USB Technology redefines the new standard in high performance computing. Proving once again to be the pioneer in motherboard industry, ASRock XFast USB Series Motherboards integrate with the latest XFast USB Technology which delivers the world's fastest USB data transfer speed. According to the below graph, it shows that the ASRock XFast USB technology can even boost USB 3.0 performance up to 469.30%!

Crashless BIOS - ASRock Crashless BIOS allows users to update their BIOS without fear of failing. If power loss occurs during the BIOS update process, ASRock Crashless BIOS will automatically finish the BIOS update procedure after regaining power. Please note that BIOS files need to be placed in the root directory of your USB disk. Only USB 2.0 ports support this feature.

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