ASRock X79 Extreme6 GB Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅16-07-12
Packaging & Accessories

Box Front

The front of the box is near identical to the packaging of most other Extreme class motherboards from ASRock. The gun-metal grey background looks very stylish and worlds apart from some of the gaudy packaging designs we have seen in the past. The base of the front packaging displays the main product features including PCIe 3.0, Windows 7 compatibility, Intel Core i7 (SB-E) support, X-FAST RAM and of course the Game Blaster expansion card.

Box Rear

The rear of the packaging sports a technical layout of the mainboard displaying the on-board features. Below this are in-depth descriptions of the showcase features of the Extreme6.


The accessory list is very good with 4 SATA cables, E-SATA cable, TRI SLI bridge, External USB 3.0 bracket, I/O shield, two instruction manuals and the driver/utility CD.

Gameblaster Packaging

The Game Blaster is packaging separately and like the mainboard itself is very well packaged.

Game Blaster

Here we get a first look at the Game Blaster. The expansion card features no only sound expansion but also has an ethernet port powered by the Broadcom chipset. For your audio expansion, the usual 3.5mm sockets (gold plated) are joined by S/PDIF and optical ports. We will look a little closer at this card later in the review but first impression are very good.

Let's move on to the motherboard...

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