ASRock X79 Extreme6 GB Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅16-07-12
Closer Look

Gameblaster Packaging

Game Blaster Internals

Stripping away the shielding of the Game Blaster care we find that the sound is taken care of by Creative judging by the small EMI shield on top of the chip.

On-Board chips

The card is indeed powered by Creative with the Creative Sound Core3D (CA0132-4AN) chip found beneath the shield. We also see that the Ethernet port is powered by Broadcom's NetLink twelfth-generation 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet LAN controller BCM57781 chip.

PCIe Firewire

The VT6315N chip is an integrated controller with PCI-Express x1 which integrates IEEE 1394a 2000 OHCI link layer controller.

Super IO

The NCT6776D is a member of Nuvoton's Super I/O product line. The NCT6776D monitors several critical parameters in PC hardware, including power supply voltages, fan speeds and temperatures. In terms of temperature monitoring, the NCT6776D adopts the Current Mode (dual current source) and thermistor sensor approach. The NCT6776D also supports the Smart Fan control system, including "SMART FAN TM I "and "SMART FAN TM IV", which makes the system more stable and user-friendly.

ASMEDIA USB Controller

The ASMedia ASM1042 is the Universal Serial Bus 3.0 extended host controller, complies with Intel’s eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI). ASM1042 is highly integrated with ASMedia PCI Express, SuperSpeed USB3.0, High Speed USB2.0 self-design PHYs, applied for SuperSpeed USB host PC system through PCI Express Bus Interface

On-Board Sound

If you don't intend to use the Game Blaster and Creative Audio then fear not because On-board sound is also very good and is provided by Realtek's ALC898 Codec.


Both heatsinks of the ASRock Extreme6 are independent of one another. Both heatsinks are coated aluminium with fancy shields attached with screws. The X79 chipset cooler uses paste as the TIM whereas the MOSFET cooler used thermal tape. Both heatsinks made good contact with their respective components.

Voltage Regulation

The main VRM is made up of a 12+2 design. Tantalum core capacitors are joined by MOSFETs and chokes of the highest quality so while this is not the most advanced VRM we have seen on an X79 motherboard, no expense has been spared on the components used. A Separate CHiL controller see to the regulation adjustments allowing for a range of voltages to be set in the UEFI BIOS.

X79 Chipset

Finally, we reach the beating heart of the ASRock X79 Extreme6 motherboard, the X79 chipset. We have covered this fine piece of Intel technology in prior reviews so we won't cover old ground here but suffice to say, the X79 chipset is the choice of both overclockers and serious enthusiasts the world over - fitting for a motherboard with Extreme in it's product title.

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