ASRock X99 Extreme4 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅12-10-14
Packaging & Accessories

The exterior packaging is attractive yet much smaller than what were are used to. A glossy black box is highlighted with gold along with the main featureset atop of the product title.

To the rear of the package, ASROCK go into fine detail regarding their features along with the usual standard features of the X99 chipset.

Breaking open the box we were surprised to find a very basic method of protection for the accessories which were bagged separately atop of a cardboard brace, itself covering the motherboard which was tie wrapped to a foam base. While the packaging was adequate, we would have liked to have seen a greater amount of protection to the motherboard.

The accessories followed on from the basic theme which can only be described as spare in comparison to the other motherboards we have reviewed thus far. For you money you get a couple of manuals, two SLI bridges, 4 SATA cables along with a SATA power cable. The obligatory I/O backplate rounds off the basic accessory list which other than the necessities, comprises of little extra to make it stand out.

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