ASRock Z87 Extreme4 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-06-13

It’s become tradition to review the Extreme4 motherboard for each Intel launch at Vortez. We have been impressed by the Z68, Z77 but what we do think about the new Z87 variant?

On the performance front, Extreme4 delivered some good results compared to the other motherboards we have reviewed thus far. Overclocking only demonstrated better results in the benchmarks too. One particular aspect which Extreme4 excelled in was the energy efficiency – showing that it offers the best idle and load efficiency.

During our overclocking efforts, we managed to get 4.5GHz out of our Intel Core i7-4770K. Whilst this may not be the best result we have had, it’s still quite impressive. The only niggle is that we found the settings within the BIOS a little tricky to modify for the overclock. Three different areas of voltages were required to be altered and it was a case of trial and error to get on the road to success.

We like the new features that come with ASRock’s new A-Style. The use of Home Cloud is something which all levels of user can come to appreciate and make use of. The plethora of storage ports is another strong point of this motherboard as it makes way for no shortage of options in this particular department.

But on the aesthetics side, we can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the lack-lustre design. ASRock stunned enthusiasts when they first introduced the Extreme4 Gen3 a few years ago and then stepped up another level with the Z77 Extreme4 but this new Z87 Extreme4 doesn’t have the same appeal. The design appears to be non-descript and they are certainly playing it down. We aren’t sure whether ASRock are choosing to move away from the dazzle they once brought but this minimalist approach to the aesthetics is a step-back in our opinion.

The price is another area which we aren’t too keen on. Again, the Z77 Extreme4 was a great value for money solution when it was first introduced – it could be bought for as little as £115. The Z87 Extreme4 however is £155, yet it has a very similar feature-set and comes in at the same level. Furthermore, in this price-range other vendors have motherboards which are of a much higher calibre than Extreme4 so by ASRock placing it at this price they aren’t doing themselves any favours unfortunately.

The ASRock Z87 Extreme4 performs well and has some interesting features but its price and aesthetics are questionable. The Z87 Extreme4 is a mixed bag, it has strengths and it also has its weaknesses and therefore we feel our bronze award is a valid achievement.

+ Impressive performance at stock settings
+ Onboard features
+ Plenty of storage options
+ A-Style Cloud support –Bluetooth control (Win8 required)

- Price bump
- Lack lustre aesthetics
- Not as straight forward to overclock in BIOS
- Couldn’t overclock as well as other motherboards

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