ASUS F2A85-M PRO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-10-12

The A85X chipset brings few but welcome additions over the A75 and allows a more versatile platform to support the latest line of A-Series APUs. The F2A85-M PRO delivers everything the A85X chipset has to offer, by way of being able to tap into all USB 3.0 and 2.0 available on the chipset while adding an extra 2x USB 3.0. ASUS have also put four video outputs on the back I/O for instant Eyefinity action. Considering that this is all wrapped in an attractive mATX sized motherboard the potential is quite staggering. A particular area of this motherboard that shone for me was with the overclocking. Firstly, I was impressed with the ASUS OC Tuner which gave a decent stable overclock in a very quick and hassle free manner. Secondly, the C.P.R. (CPU Parameter Recall) feature, which meant that the system did not hang when overclocking settings failed and simply booted straight into BIOS at default settings. I barely even realised it was happening as it was easy to take for granted, it was only when I began to overclock on other motherboards did I realise the hassle having to clear the CMOS every time the system hung due to unstable settings.

A huge plus to this platform is the inclusion of Lucid Virtu MVP which allows use of the integrated and discrete graphics, which means if you add a discrete card, the capable iGPU on the APU does not go to waste. The UEFI BIOS are smooth and easy to navigate while the blue aesthetic of the motherboard design remains fresh, eye catching and pleasing. The only real downside to this motherboard is that it costs more than the flagship APU, the A10-5800K and that it has a meagre accessory list (an extra 2x SATA cables wouldn't go amiss!). Overall if you are looking for a mATX A85X motherboard to accompany the latest A-Series APUs, the F2A85-M PRO is highly recommended as it gives everything the platform has to offer and comes with a support of exclusive features that give an excellent user experience. For these reasons, nothing but our Gold award will suffice.

+ Good Layout and Aesthetic
+ Lucid Virtu MVP
+ Eyefinity ready out the box
+ C.P.R. and other ASUS Exclusive features
+ CrossfireX Support

- Costs more than the APUs it is made for.

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Thanks to ASUS for providing today’s review sample.

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