ASUS GTX 960 STRIX DirectCU II Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅22-01-15

ASUS have done a fine job with the GTX 960. It certainly looks the part thanks to the Direct CU II cooler and discreet STRIX theme. The packaging is nothing to write home about but it protects the card well, ensuring it should reach you in perfect condition.

Performance is where it matters we're sure you agree and here is where the ASUS STRIX GTX 960 delivers on all levels. The card runs very cool and also very quiet. This is to be expected thanks to the NVIDIA Maxwell core but this technology is exaggerated thanks to this cards cooling ability. A key feature of this card is the ability to run in an overclocked state without the additional 6pin power port found on both the GTX 760 and this card's competitors. It is also quite small so will appeal to those who don't have the largest of PC enclosures. So it is cool, quiet and looks the part but what about outright performance?

At this current time the STRIX GTX 960 sits with an SRP of 189.99 GBP but we expect resellers to list the card between 179.99 and 184.99. This is a nominal increase in price over the reference design which is just 159.99 GBP. For the extra cost you get a compact design, factory overclock and sleek custom cooling.

We weren't expecting groundbreaking performance and sure enough we didn't get it. This card is not going to compete with the flagship cards available, nor was it designed to but when you consider where we were 18 months ago with the GTX 760 it is safe to say that mid-range graphics cards have come a long way, especially if this sample is anything to go by. It destroyed its predecessor with ease and also frequently surpassed both overclocked editions of the AMD R9-280 and R9-285. Not only that but it was also faster out of the box and when a manual overclock is applied, than another GTX 960 on test - all the while consuming less power too. Fantastic! It is for this reason we have awarded the ASUS STRIX GTX 960 our Gold award which is well-deserved.

To summarise:
The ASUS GTX 960 STRIX is a very accomplished card comprising of the latest technologies. If you are looking for gaming at 1080p then we strongly advise you to consider this graphics card.

+ Good Performance
+ Great Cooling
+ Good looking
+ Fair price
+ Low power consumption/requirements

- Starts to suffer at higher settings

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