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Leading the way with the MATRIX GTX 980Ti PLATINUM, ASUS has confidently designed and produced a masterpiece. This custom cooled, pre-clocked beast improves on NVIDIA’s efforts in the reference card and makes a mockery of AMD’s Fury lineup.

The DirectCU II cooler has been a reliable solution for ASUS in the last few years and the version that our MATRIX card uses, delivers on both the cooling ability and low-noise levels. The NVIDIA GM200 GPU is well-known for generating quite a bit of heat but this cooler responds very well to this challenge – as our temperature testing in this review and our video review reports.

The MATRIX has no problems leading the way in the performance benchmarks (although there was some close rivalry to its counterpart the STRIX GTX 980Ti DC3). The factory overclock allows this card to remain consistent across a wide selection of games at different resolutions and different detail presets. Thanks to bump in rendering attributes and generous assortment of ports on the rear panel of the card, MATRIX can accommodate ultra-high resolutions across single and multiple screens.

As we mentioned previously this graphics card has been fine-tuned for overclocking enthusiasts. The feature-set lends itself to enabling this type of user to get the most out of a flagship GPU and as such MATRIX is laden with options like the memory defroster, safe mode button and LN2 switch.

MATRIX GTX 980Ti PLATINUM is priced at £659.99 GBP / $750 USD. This is an incredibly large sum of money but a flagship offering of this calibre isn’t ever going to be cheap. MATRIX packs in an astounding number of advanced features which are tailored to enthusiasts who intend to have access to tools which allow indepth modifications and therefore the price is reflective of this.

The MATRIX GTX 980Ti PLATINUM is a declaration of ASUS’ prominence in the GPU arena. This flagship graphics card offers an astounding number of features for avid tweakers and delivers on low-noise, low temperatures and fantastic performance!


+ Attractive design
+ Low-noise
+ Low-temperatures
+ Excellent performance
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 3 years warranty

- May struggle to fit in some cases
- Heavy
- Price

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