ASUS Maximus VII Ranger Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-05-14

The Republic of Gamers product line has always been highly regarded in hardware circles. In the past this reverence has been justified by Pro Overclocking Teams achieving profound milestones with such motherboards, but to the end user purchasing a ROG board is generally deemed an indulgence due to the premium price-tag but today’s offering changes all this.

Maximus VII Ranger is ROG’s most aggressive price/performance motherboard and although it may not cost very much it still packs in some incredible features. Throughout the testing phase, Ranger performed admirably and the combination of a well-designed UEFI BIOS and premium componentry paved the way for great overclocking capabilities.

The price of Ranger is one of its best attributes. Coming in at just £130 (or less in some cases), there is no longer this misconception that ROG motherboards are for the wealthy. Being so affordable does mean there are some minor cutbacks but in all honesty a vast majority of enthusiasts will not notice these omissions anyway.

Maximus VII Ranger is one of the best price/performance motherboards we have tested. Loaded with a multitude of innovative features, we can foresee Ranger being a big success and have no reservations in highly recommending this exceptional motherboard.


+ Delightful visual appearance
+ Packed with innovative features
+ Great performance
+ Includes M.2 support
+ Brilliant overclocker
+ Clean & easy to use BIOS
+ Excellent value for money

- Lacks SATA Express

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