ASUS Prime X570-Pro Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅25-09-19

Product on Review: ASUS Prime X570-Pro
Manufacturer: ASUS
Street Price: GBP £239.99 / USD $239.99 / AUS $349.99

ASUS are a global technology leader, producing all kinds of components from wearables, monitors and graphics cards to monitors and peripherals. They’re widely regarded as one of the go-to brands for many PC-related products. Today we take a look at one of their motherboard offerings in the professional market, utilising AMD’s latest X570 chipset.

The ASUS Prime X570-Pro has been dressed in professional attire to cater to using with serious pursuits in mind, putting their Ryzen-3000 series CPU to a more productive use, such as content creation.

The X570-Pro tries to offer a balance between price and performance that their Republic of Gamers brand tends to exceed. Things like exotic LAN implementations and fancy board-wide RGB lighting has been omitted but powerful 14-phase VRMs and clever power-saving technologies have been employed.

Priced at £240/$240/$350, the Prime X570-Pro certainly isn’t ‘cheap’, but the X570 is well-established as being the premium offering at the present time. Having said that, there aren’t many that undercut the Prime and we’re not exactly short of features here. Let’s see how it compares to similar offerings.

ASUS on the Prime X570-Pro:
Dressed in a professional attire, the Prime X570 series cater to users with serious pursuits in mind, who prefer to put their Ryzen™ processors to more productive use. Prime X570, known for its all-around specs and ASUS signature features, includes a wide range of tuning options for accessible performance.

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