ASUS Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅02-04-10

Product on Review: ASUS Rampage III Extreme
Manufacturer and Sponsor: ASUS
MSRP: Under £350
Street Price: £329.99

The Rampage is back and in better shape than ever! Since the introduction of the highly popular Rampage II Extreme, ASUS have been busy developing its successor. Apart from new motherboard releases including USB3 and SATA III support, the X58 platform has remained vastly unchanged. Most manufacturers have been bringing innovation to the more mainstream P55 platform instead. We have seen EVGA come out of nowhere to deliver unparalleled overclocking abilities but that was treading on ASUS's territory. Not wanting to be beaten at their own game, ASUS have carefully designed the Rampage III Extreme to be a superior product. Not an easy feat considering that its predecessor is still the first port of call for most enthusiasts out there.

So what does this board actually bring to the table? For starters all the features we previously saw on the Maximus III Extreme have now made their way to this board. USB3 support is now available thanks to the ever popular NEC controller chip and the Marvell SATA 6Gb/s controller makes an appearance. In terms of overclocking, the TweakIt application is back with some additional features and the board itself has been designed with the best component to produce the highest and most stable overclock. The board caters for the hardcore overclockers with LN2 specific modifications and voltage monitoring abilities, as well as the average users with one touch overclocking profiles. If the ROG connect feature didn't impress you last time on the Maximus III Extreme, we will be looking at another way in which it can be implemented.

A bit about ASUS:

ASUS comes from the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that represents the inspiration of art and learning. ASUS embodies the strength, creative spirit and purity symbolized by this regal and agile mythical creature, soaring to new heights of quality and innovation with each product it introduces to the market.

ASUS pursues technological and aesthetic perfection through continuous innovation. We place ourselves in our customers’ shoes to develop a deep understanding of, and genuine empathy for, their needs—enabling us to create user experiences that transcend the norm.

ASUS Design Philosophy

ASUS Design develops high-quality solutions our customers will enjoy.
Our design process is built on thorough research, early anticipation and well-planned execution.

We act with a global vision and a focus on local strengths, conditions and heritage.

Innovation has always been the key to ASUS's success but couple it with their most high end chipset and some excellent components, we're in for a treat with the Rampage III Extreme!

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