ASUS ROG Delta Core Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅26-03-19
Performance Testing
Design & Build Quality

When you're paying 89.99 for a gaming headset you expect the build quality of the product you're buying to be of high standards, in this area the ASUS ROG Delta Core does not disappoint. The ASUS ROG Delta Core weighs in at 346g which is a little on the heavier side of things, however the design choices of padded ear cushions & a padded headband that ASUS have employed here greatly aid comfort in both long gaming sessions & when we used these for general music consumption when we were out & about this headset was extremely comfortable. If you're going to be using the headset while you're out and about the microphone is detachable on this headset, and there is a satisfying click once the microphone is fully inserted.

Changing the ear cushions is a simple affair once you figure out what to do, it would have been nice for ASUS to dedicate a page in the user guide to changing these, it took us a few minutes to realise you can just pull the ear cushions off and replace with the option you prefer. Both sets of ear cushions are comfortable and cover our ears perfectly which really aided noise isolation and in turn really helped us to focus in on our games.

We also appreciate the choice of including volume & mute controls on the headset rather than in-line as if it was the latter of those choices it would make using the headset outside the house less appealing.

Audio Quality

We put the ASUS ROG Delta Core through its paces in gaming on PC & Xbox One as well as film & music consumption and the headset performed well in all areas.

ASUS have angled the drivers in the ear cups by 12 degrees to better match the natural angle of your ears, claiming that this provides better comfort and helps to improve sound quality by enabling the audio signal to travel directly into the ear canal. We certainly believe that the angled drivers aid in comfort as we have had issues with the drivers being flat before however, while the audio quality is great we would be wary of attributing it solely to this feature.

In the ROG Delta Core, ASUS have implemented what they're calling Audio Signal Diversion technology which they state helps separate the highs, lows & mids and we were very happy with how balanced the sound is straight out of the box needing no equaliser adjustments to have decent sound quality.

Microphone Performance

We used the ROG Delta Core for chatting with our team mates in Apex Legends through Discord, as well as through Skype & Discord. We found that the audio was clear and if the microphone position needed to be adjusted it was easy enough to do as it is flexible and it holds its shape well.

An example of the audio quality that is on offer is available in the video below.

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