👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-03-16

Product on Review: ROG G20BM
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ASUS
Street Price: £699.99 GBP

After great success for many years in the graphics card and motherboard sectors, the ASUS ROG team has been using their expertise and wisdom to design and build desktop computers for gamers on the move. The G20 gaming PC was introduced in 2014 and the reception was very positive, up until this point all of the configurations which are available have involved Intel and NVIDIA-based components, but with today’s edition the focus is entirely on AMD.

The G20BM utilises the AMD FX-770K, 12GB of DDR3 and AMD’s R9 370. That isn’t a typo – rather than use the R7 370, ASUS are using a special edition R9 variant which boasts increased shaders to deliver even better performance. The real emphasis with G20BM is on portability – being able to transport this unit to and from places and have it merge into the surrounding environment.

We’ve seen how Intel-based systems can cope with the latest gaming titles and our benchmark suite, but can an AMD-based unit perform well too? Let’s find out!

ASUS on their ROG G20BM
ROG G20 is designed to dominate the small form factor gaming desktop segment, and has already received critical acclaim, receiving the Best Choice of the Year and Golden Awards at Computex 2014. G20 features a compact 12.5-liter case that houses a AMD A10-Series processors and AMD Radeon™ R9 series Graphics to give you unstoppable performance for games and home entertainment in Full HD quality.

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