ASUS ROG Gladius II Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅13-04-17
When we first received the ASUS Gladius II, we were extremely excited to open it and try out their latest revision of the popular Gladius gaming mouse. It seems that they've managed to improve where improvement was required, and appreciated their good work the first time around with the other areas.

Overall, the mouse is excellent; however, some will not be able to stomach the 80 price tag, which to us is the biggest hurdle.

The build quality is exactly what you'd expect from a premium offering, the RGB lighting is vivid and clean, with the added extra of the ASUS Aura Sync Technology. The ability to swap out the OMRON mouse 1 and 2 switches is a nifty idea, allowing a degree of personalisation. The sensor performance is absolutely rock solid, at all DPI levels; it was imperative that ASUS got this bit right, with it being a high-end gaming mouse. The inclusion of more than one cable and the carry pouch are fine finishing touches, allowing safe travel of your most precious weapon.

We see this as a brilliant step up from ASUS, they've delivered a mouse at an 80 price tag, and given the exact level of performance I would expect, nothing other than brilliant.

If you're in the market for a premium gaming mouse, with gorgeous RGB effects, you should, at the very least, consider the ASUS ROG Gladius II.

+ RGB Lighting is stunning
+ Right-handed design is spot on
+ Excellent sensor performance
+ Switch and cable customisation
+ Excellent software

- DPI Target Button can get in the way

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