ASUS ROG Pugio Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅27-07-17
Closer Look
The ASUS ROG Pugio features the Mayan styling, adopted by ASUS for most of their ROG mice and peripherals, adorned over the scroll wheel and grippy side areas.

Just behind the scroll wheel is a profile switch, allowing you to swap between two completely separate profiles, this button includes a small white LED to indicate which profile is currently selected. RGB lighting is included with the scroll wheel, on the white strip around the edges.

The rear of the mouse is home to the huge ROG logo, which can be illuminated in 16.8M colours, as well as the translucent off-white strip around the bottom and sides.

The right and left-hand sides are, obviously, identical, to cater to both righties and lefties equally. Those forward and back buttons can be blanked off with the included replacements, allowing the user to “squeeze” the mouse to press the thumb buttons, without the worry of accidentally clicking the adjacent button with the ring finger or little finger.

The replacements are held on by a strong magnet but are easily removed by leveraging them away from the mouse using the thumb-groove on the bottom of each button.

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