ASUS ROG Pugio Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅27-07-17
Performance Testing
The 7200DPI sensor, developed by PixArt performs very well at all DPI levels, with the sweet spot for us being around 2500. Testing was done on a finely woven cloth mouse pad and a polished wooden surface, with calibration done in between. Games used for testing were: Battlefield 4, War Thunder, Orcs Must Die: Unchained and Crossout.

The OMRON switches tucked under the left and right click were both excellent, with ASUS bundling two replacements to provide a different feel being a great inclusion. We preferred the feel of the replacement D2F-01F switches, with them being clickier and requiring slightly more force to actuate. Providing you’re not too bothered about the feel of those buttons, you essentially have at least 100 million clicks from the right and left clicks. ASUS including the accessory box is great, giving you somewhere to store those fiddly little bits, instead of hunting for them at the bottom of a cupboard.

The scroll wheel and other buttons surrounding the mouse are all solid, exactly what we expect from a £70 mouse. Overall build quality is also good, which became even more apparent once the mouse was opened up to change the OMRON switches. All screws and clips were solid, they should last a very long time.

The RGB lighting on the Pugio was amongst the best we’ve ever seen, offering unparalleled brightness and incredibly smooth transitions. If a strong RGB lighting show is top of your priorities, this is the only choice.

The Pugio’s ability to blank off the side buttons on either side works well, getting around the issue of accidental clicks on the outside of the mouse. Though, ASUS has left the door open for those users who wish to utilise all of the buttons, allowing each button a separate function in the software.

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