ASUS ROG Strix Evolve Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅27-06-17
Performance Testing
First things first, you need to go about choosing which of the 4 possible lid combinations best fits your hand, there’s only one method to this, and that’s through trial and error. This solution from ASUS to fix the age-old problem of the “one size fits all” mouse is an incredibly well-implemented solution. The mouse was comfortable for a right-handed user for a 3-hour stint on War Thunder and Battlefield 4. The mouse performed perfectly well on both games with no noticeable issues at all.

The overall shape and design are simple but very mean, the Mayan grips on the left and right, matched up to the embossed logo on the lid and grey styling is glorious. The overall weight of the mouse, at 100g, is spot on, which tagged onto the large Teflon glides underneath makes the mouse very easy to move around on a decent quality mouse mat.

Moving on from the shape and design of the mouse, the sensor performance is excellent, whether you’re on a mouse mat or a polished wooden surface; the sensor didn’t miss a beat and performed brilliantly, no matter the DPI chosen. Alongside the excellent sensor performance, the OMRON switches used are meaty and provide a solid rebound.

The lighting on the mouse isn’t anything to write home about, being relatively dim when compared to other RGB products. All of the 'oomph' is provided by one lonely LED and distributed through thick translucent plastic. If you’re considering the ASUS ROG Strix Evolve to accompany the Aura Sync capabilities of other products, you may feel a little let down by this product. However, if you do require a slightly less “in your face” approach to RGB lighting, this could fit that bill.

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