ASUS ROG STRIX Magnus Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅05-07-17
On first impressions, the Magnus looked like a rather futuristic personal hygiene product, but as the old saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover. The Magnus comes as a product that some people might not feel like they need, or others might be apprehensive based on their understanding of 'gaming' products. Well this is a 'Republic of Gamers' product, and ASUS have absolutely nailed it. It connects via USB for the ultimate ease of use, it is compact, and readily sits on your desk with no issue. In our actuation tests, we found that it picks up consonants with incredible accuracy, and if you wish to use it with a mount/boom and a pop-filter, the results can only get better.

The only real downside would be its pricing, at 179.99, it is rather pricy, and there are many popular choices that come in for less. Despite that, the ROG STRIX Magnus offers excellent performance in an attractive, compact body, and has a load of extras that you will not traditionally find on a dedicated microphone, including RGB lighting!

There are some things we felt were a missed opportunity however, firstly, we kinda felt that maybe this could have been wireless, or at least had a wireless mode. Then, we have to note that the included 1.5m cable is fine for desktop use, but should you wish to mount with a microphone boom/stand, you may begin to find yourself fighting with a rather chunky, short cable. Though as it is a USB cable, these are fairly common and there are places you can buy cables fairly cheap. Finally, we felt that the ENC mode was a little too good, and it would have been nice to be able to adjust and apply the ENC strength independently to the recording modes.

Despite being aimed at streamers, due to its features, it can easily perform well outside this role too, and though it is a little pricer than some other solutions, it sounds excellent and is feature rich. Ultimately, the target audience is likely to love this product as it will make their life easier, and will help them provide a more enjoyable experience.

The ROG STRIX Magnus has many convenient inclusions, but quite frankly there is nothing that should detract from the heart of this product, that is, it is a high-grade microphone that is compact, easy to use, and sounds great. What more does a streamer need?

+ Solid build quality
+ Attractive, compact design
+ Various pick-up patterns including ENC mode for noisy environments
+ On-board controls
+ High-quality recording
+ Aux-in + Headphone monitoring ports
+ Additional USB port
+ Included carry case and mount adaptor

+- Included cable is relatively short
+- ENC not adjustable
+- Could this not be wireless?

- Price

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