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While we may have only just begun our journey with the RTX 2080 Ti, this STRIX OC variant has marked out its territory and is the fastest graphics card we’ve ever tested. Destroying everything in its pathway – both in performance, low-noise and low-temperatures.

As we’ve already identified, the big attraction towards the RTX 2080 Ti is its ability to bump up the fps in the 4K arena and this card has absolutely no problems delivering impressive figures at 1080p, 1440p and the demanding heights of 4K – even with max detail presets enabled. Furthermore to this, against the ZOTAC AMP edition this ROG offering manages to nudge ahead and achieve even better results (although you do pay for the extra performance).

Out of the box performance is exceptionally good, but this is further strengthened by the ability to perform substantial manual overclocks too. We were able to modify the GPU and memory clock speeds, taking the GPU boost up to 1788MHz and the memory clock to 1944MHz. This represents an overall adjust of 19% - not bad at all!

Beyond the standard RTX 2080 Ti features, the ROG STRIX OC version offers some great features – the build quality is impressive, the RGB lighting extensive and the extra touches are useful. We get a dual BIOS switch, handy on/off lighting button, RGB header and an extra HDMI 2.0 port for VR usage.

With all this said however, there is no escaping the monstrous pricing. The industry has been notably alarmed by the current pricing of all models in the RTX lineup and we hope there are adjustments coming in the not too distant future. The STRIX OC edition arrives at ]: £1499 GBP - $1399 USD - $2249 AUD, which translates to one of the more expensive RTX 2080 Ti graphic cards on the market. This is way above many enthusiast/gamers budgets.

ASUS ROG has a captivating rendition of the new RTX 2080 Ti in the STRIX OC edition. This graphics has all the hallmarks for a flagship and climbs to the top of the leaderboard.

+ Impressive design
+ Excellent build quality
+ Fantastic performance
+ Low-noise with 0dB feature available
+ Very low temperatures
+ Each fan can be manually adjusted with GPU Tweak II
+ Allows for decent manual overclock
+ Arrives with USB 3.1 Type-C port
+ Extra features: RGB header, BIOS switch, lighting switch
+ 2-year warranty

- Very expensive
- Power hungry

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