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We’ve encountered many STRIX cards throughout the different NVIDIA and AMD generations – the blueprint has barely changed. Fundamentally, the ROG team aim for high-quality construction, big factory overclocks and effective cooling – these three characteristics remain in the STRIX RX 5700 XT.

Against the reference AMD RX 5700 XT, this STRIX variant provides us with a boost in performance of up to 10 fps thanks to the factory overclock. There is also additional headroom for applying a manual overclock to effectively nudge up the GPU clock speed even further and take the memory clock out of its stock/reference settings.

Cooling is where this STRIX graphics card comes into its own because it nails the two prominent attributes which are essential to improving on AMD’s design – thermal performance and noise emission. With the card in ‘Performance Mode’ users can expect improvements to temperatures by up to 10C. Throughout our testing we experienced low-noise operation, even with the system fully loaded.

The only negative points to comment on are fairly evident, the sheer size of the STRIX RX 5700 XT makes this graphics card suitable for computer cases with ample space, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to use this GPU in a compact chassis. Power consumption is also more demanding with 600W being necessary and 8+8pin connection from the unit being obligatory too.

As we’ve come to expect from ROG’s STRIX GPUs, the pricing is never at the base MSRP. This 5700 XT is positioned at USD $500 – AUD $900 - GBP £504, making it one of the more expensive models to purchase for this class of GPU. This will likely put many off, with rival models offering something similar for $100 / £100 less.

Those wanting to lock down a top-performing RX 5700 XT should definitely consider what the ROG team has to offer!

+ Stylish design
+ Includes protective backplate
+ Additional features: Dual-BIOS, Fan Connect 2 & more!
+ Low-noise fans
+ Idle fan stop technology
+ Features a factory overclock
+ Overclocks reasonably well

- Expensive compared to rivals
- Massive footprint
- Requires more power, plus 8+8pin

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