ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-05-20
Closer Look (Continued)
In the top-right of the keyboard, amongst the lovely brushed aluminium, is a large ASUS ROG logo, this is fully RGB backlit by several LEDs for smooth and bright effects.

Featuring fully addressable RGB LEDs, the indicators for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Function Lock and Windows Key Lock are located just above the arrow keys.

The keyboard, due to it’s shrunken size, is jam-packed with multi-function keys that are activated with the Fn key on the bottom row. The main row of keys are found between F5 and F12. The first 7 are self-explanatory but the F12 key is quite different.

Pressing this enables “Stealth Mode”. A single press of this immediately mutes all audio and minimises everything to the desktop; including full-screen games and applications. Press the button again and everything returns to normal. We’re sure you can all think of your own scenario where that might be handy.

The direction keys, as well as the bottom three in the section above, each feature a secondary function. Mode left and right changes the RGB lighting effects, while Light + and – adjusts the brightness.

Rounding off the multi-function keys are the left Win and Alt keys as well as the numbers row. The numbers are used to switch between stored memory profiles or reset to default if you happen to mess something up while tweaking settings or macros.

ASUS bundle the keyboard with a 1.8M braided cable, but thanks to it being removeable, you can swap this out for any length or design you fancy.

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