ASUS ROG STRIX X99 Gaming Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-08-16

Refreshed Intel X99 motherboards have been a hot topic for the last few months since Intel announced their next-gen Broadwell-E Processors. Many brands are reviving their popular models and bringing them up-to-date with new features but today’s STRIX offering is its debut.

ASUS are keen to expand their STRIX portfolio by including a number of new motherboards – this began with the Intel Z170 chipset but has now included the Intel X99 chipset by way of the STRIX X99 Gaming. Since this board comes under the ROG branding we have a livery which is familiar; the aesthetics on this motherboard are just what gamers typically seek – aggressive yet stylish. The overall look and design of X99 STRIX Gaming is impressive and anyone investing in this board will be able to coordinate all of their hardware quite well since this board carries a neutral design.

Users will find a good assortment of features right across the board which will satisfy overclockers and gamers. There are ASUS-specific features like MemOK!, OC Socket and SupremeFX and there are also a versatile lineup of storage solutions which cover SATA, SATA Express, M.2 and U.2. Even the PCI Express benefits from dual X16 mode for those wanting the optimum bandwidth for a multi-GPU configuration; so in this aspect STRIX X99 Gaming has all of the bases covered.

Performance is in line with previously tested Intel X99 motherboards – showing that this STRIX offering is consistent in its design. Applying a decent overclock to the CPU is easy thanks to the intuitive UEFI BIOS; there are a wide-range of features available to modify which should appeal to both novice and advanced overclockers. We managed to squeeze 4.9GHz out of our Intel Core i7 processor which is the absolute maximum for the chip in use. This once again verifies how capable the STRIX X99 Gaming is even when pushing the CPU to its very limit.

The STRIX X99 Gaming is priced at £278 GBP / $334 USD. So this motherboard is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive solution bearing the X99 chipset. Our STRIX board is packed with all the features most would need and represents good value. Further to this, it is backed by a generous 3-year warranty which should help to seal the deal.

STRIX X99 Gaming is a capable motherboard which oozes style and finesse. Those wanting to make the transition over to the High End Desktop platform would be well-advised to consider this offering.

+ Attractive to the eye
+ x16/x16 multi-GPU support
+ Numerous storage options inc. U.2
+ Provides good overclocking results
+ Includes a selection of USB 3.1 ports
+ Dual USB 3.0 headers
+ SupremeFX audio

- Only one of the PCI Express slots is reinforced w/steel

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