ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-12-12
Closer Look

The headset can easily fold up for easy storage in the protective case.

Opened up we can see the sleek design, unless you don't like red, the Vulcan makes a fairly stylish statement.

On the left hand side we can see the ports for the mic and the cable to be plugged into. Such a great idea to be modular, it means should the cable/mic break, they could be replaced fairly painlessly. We can also see the switch to turn on the active noise cancelling here too with a small red LED indicator.

Build quality is fairly impressive, at first it is easy to think that it may not be so durable due to the light weight and 'wobbly' ear cups, however, it soon becomes apparent that the joins are well made and the adjustable straps are made with metal to ensure good durability. The ear cups move by design to fit your ears/head.

The ear cups are deceivingly large and are surrounded by thick memory foam for comfort.

Simple in-line mic on/off and volume control.

The 'katana' shaped microphone, firm but flexible.

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