ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-12-17
Packaging and First Look

Simple style, belying the potential inside. ROG’s packaging for the X399 Zenith Extreme is understated as motherboards go, at least those not aimed at the business and enterprise sector. All you get is ROG’s red/black livery, the board game, and clarification of the chipset and various certifications.

Opening up reveals the contents, and my are they juicy. Included is a 10Gbit Ethernet card (PCI-Express x4) which is a very premium add-on to the bundle, and a GPU support bracket for those weighty graphics cards. You’ll also be provided with the usual plethora of SATA 3 cables, Multi-GPU bridges and drivers on a USB stick.

And that’s our first look at the Zenith Extreme in the silicon. As boards go it’s quite an unassuming one at first glance, eschewing the garish colour schemes of some high-end and gaming boards in favour of a generally matte black livery. Fear not however, the RGB LED lighting is ready to help you personalise the look one the system is installed and operational.

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