ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-01-11
Closer Look

So lets take a closer look at the Sabertooth P67. First of all the chipset. Of course this motherboard utilises the P67 chipset, LGA1155 Sandy Bridge socket. LGA1156 CPU coolers will fit on this board no problem due to LGA1155 and LGA1156 using the same dimensions. Covering the MOSFETs we have a rather aggressive military styled set of heatsinks that cover a 8+2 phase power design.

Military styling to the heatinks

Customary to the Sandy Bridge platform is dual channel support - DDR3. So we have 4 X DIMM slots that cater for 1066MHz all the way up to 1866MHz. Slightly lower than some of the other boards which usually allow up to 2100MHz (OC).

4 X DIMM slots for dual channel DDR3

Next to the SATA ports we have a USB 3.0 header that provides USB 3.0 functionality for the front of the case the board will be sitting in. Sadly though, as you will have noticed from the bundle a USB 3.0 bracket to combine with this header is absent from the package. So this will need to be bought separately.

USB 3.0 header giving USB 3.0 functionality at the front of your case

Onto storage and we have 4 X 6Gbps SATA ports which are identified in white and brown. Next to these ports we have a further 4 SATA ports but these are 3Gbps.

3G and 6G functionality for SATA

Neighbouring the SATA ports is the Southbridge heatsink which, as ASUS always implement - is rather large and prominent.

Southbridge heatsink is large

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