ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-01-11
Tactical Vest - Is it a gimmick?

The TUF Tactical Vest stands out as one of the primary features of our Sabertooth P67. It has dual purpose, meaning that it will protect the board and hopefully provide a more efficient method of cooling components . ASUS actually claim the following:

The TUF Thermal Armor is the world’s first ever thermal design for the entire motherboard, not just for select critical areas. It safeguards the system against hot air generated by connected cards and components, keeping temps down. With its sophisticated and agile integrated shunt design, the Thermal Armor improves cool air circulation, directing it towards every important part for a complete motherboard cool down. It effectively conducts hot air away and out of the case through special airflow channels, contributing to enhanced system stability and extending component lifespan.

Sounds great doesn't it? But does it really work? Well, we have installed a top flow designed CPU cooler for the purpose of this test - Noctua NH-C14. The test will consist of stressing the entire system, monitoring after 20 minutes have expired and then removing the Tactical Vest and again loading the system and monitoring after another 20 minutes. This should ascertain whether this really is an efficient tool for cooling our components or just another marketing ploy to draw in attention.

The results whilst not ground-breaking, show a marginal win for ASUS. I guess we have to understand that this is a new feature to be implemented on the motherboard, with some tweaks I'm sure that ASUS can deliver better results. With great airflow within the chassis, results will work in the Tactical Vest's favour. The test below was performed on a Cooler Master Test Bench with additional cooling via dual Noctua NF-P14 fans flowing across the board.

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