ASUS STRIX GTX 1070 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅01-09-16

In the same way the STRIX GTX 1080 impressed us, the STRIX GTX 1070 is a delightful product. In essence, both cards are equipped with the same features, cooler and design and as such we’re pleased to report a positive experience.

From an aesthetics point of view the STRIX GTX 1070 is a stunning piece of kit. Although the cooler does bear a plastic design, the styling with its RGB LED functionality will look great as part of any computer system. True to its reputation the DirectCU cooler delivers on both thermal performance and low-noise – two factors which are likely to be of primary concern to those on the hunt for a GTX 1070 graphics card.

Pitting the STRIX 1070 against other previously reviewed cards reveals a strong candidate in the NVIDIA GTX 10 series lineup. The 10% factory overclock to the GPU definitely adds value to this offering; by pushing the framerates up where needed – we’d just have hoped for a factory overclock on the memory too. Thankfully in our endeavours to push the card further with a manual overclock demonstrated that we were able to nudge the memory clock up by at least 100MHz – which gave significant benefits to the overall performance.

Between the GTX 1070s on the market it could be said there is little to separate the custom designs with their high-performance coolers and generous warranties but ASUS has paid particular attention to supplementary features which aren’t just superficial. They actually make a difference. These features concern the twin fan headers found at the end of the card and the rather useful secondary HDMI 2.0 port for those wanting to engage in some VR gaming.

STRIX GTX 1070 is priced at £439.99 GBP / $450 USD – placing it as one of the more expensive 1070s currently gracing the market. The decision to choose this card over another will come via the additional features that other cards lack. Such things as the customisable RGB lighting, 0dB fans when the system is idle, twin fan headers, that additional HDMI 2.0 port and then the extended warranty which sees an ample 3-years warranty. Deciding whether these features are required is down to the individual’s needs but we can certainly see their worth.

STRIX GTX 1070 is an outstanding representation of what can be done with NVIDIA’s new GTX 1070. This card is armed with a diverse feature-set and a cooler which delivers on low-noise and low-temperatures – all of these factors should provide ASUS strong placement in a competitive market.

+ Attractive design
+ RGB LED lighting
+ Extra features – twin fan headers/second HDMI 2.0
+ Comes with factory overclock
+ Low-noise
+ Effective cooling
+ Overclocks beyond current
+ Great performance
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 3-year warranty

- No factory memory overclock

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