ASUS Transformer Book T100HA

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-10-15

One of the biggest attractions to the ASUS Transformer Book T100HA is the ability to use this device as an independent tablet or as a netbook. Being able to offer this 2-in-1 package expands T100HA’s versatility.

There are moments when using a tablet can become quite challenging – typing sentences and paragraphs of text for example is a task which isn’t really designed for touchscreen usage. As such, having this combo is especially useful. Those who require a mobile device which can be used for work and play will find T100HA a worthwhile investment.

Although the actual unit itself is compact and slim in its design, ASUS has engineered critical ports to further enhance the functionality. There is a USB 2.0 port, a micro-USB port and slots to expand storage by way of micro SD but the USB 3.1 Type-C inclusion is the element we’re most excited about as this is a new standard; future-proofing T100HA and securing access to super-fast devices.

Throughout our time with T100HA we found this 2-in-1 portable device to be a nifty piece of kit. The screen is sharp and vibrant and has responsive touch screen sensitivity. T100HA demonstrated good performance in the benchmarks we ran further highlighting that this device can take on common tasks without struggling.

The battery life is perhaps one of the fundamental, standout features with T100HA as it allows the user to enjoy up to 12 hours of usage – a milestone to which other tablets aspire to but do not attain. This means that you can use T100HA for an entire day; engaging in an assortment of demanding tasks such as movie playback without having to reach for the charging unit.

We did however find a few niggles – some of which wouldn’t deter from an actual purchase. The WiFi capabilities lacked 802.11ac – something which we expect mobile products in 2015 to now fully support. The screen rotation when clipped into the keyboard is also limited to a 120° angle which may, or may not be a problem for some and we’d prefer to have independent left/right buttons for the touchpad – sometimes when fingers are placed over the buttons the touchpad’s sensitivity detects movement and the cursor can move.

T100HA can be picked up for the modest price of £190 GBP / $250 USD. We can't argue with this at all, for this price we're getting a fully fledged Windows tablet which can also act as a notebook; having a quad-core processor and solid state storage.

The Transformer Book T100HA bridges the gap between tablet and notebook; this 2-in-1 device offers a new level of flexibility in one nifty package. This unit offers an impressive 12 hours of usage, carries with it Windows 10 functionality and delivers solid performance via Intel’s quad-core Z8500; what’s not to like?!


+ Attractive finish/styling
+ Sharp and vibrant display
+ Flexible 2-in-1 in design
+ Generous assortment of functionality
+ USB 3.1 Type-C support
+ Up to 12 hours battery life

- Touchpad is over-sensitive
- Lacks 802.11ac
- Screen has limited rotation of 120°

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