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Product on Review: ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX R3.0
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ASUS
Street Price: £179 GBP / $219 USD

The ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH range was arguably an instant hit with its military themed camo colours of golden, greeny browns and the TUF promise of an extra rugged, extra strong design backed by a 5 year warranty. Today, the TUF lineup of products have matured aesthetically, delivering an unexpected degree of control over your system to ensure an absolute level of robustness. Of course, the 990FX chipset has something in common with the TUF lineup, it's nearly the same age (within a year?). Despite that, competitive pricing of the FX chips present favourable value and it makes sense to refresh the tired old SABERTOOTH 990FX. Though there was a second revision of the SABERTOOTH 990FX, it mostly brought about minor changes, and underworks that the end consumer may not really notice, other than the heatsink colour change. This time, the R3.0 delivers a whole lot more.

The SABERTOOTH 990FX gets a complete facelift, more subtle colouring with hints of digital camo effects. There is a rear IO shroud, similar to that found on the Intel boards complete with a mount for a 40mm fan. There are now TWO internal USB 3.0 headers, improved audio, RGB lighting, reinforced PCIe safeslot, an M.2 slot, annnd finally, (drum roll)

FOUR USB 3.1 ports on the rear IO, one of which is the micro type C.

Connectivity, affirmative!

About ASUS
This visionary approach is the reason ASUS is able to bring high-quality innovation and design to all, and the reason for its widespread acclaim. ASUS products won 4,256 international awards and accolades in 2013 – that’s over 11 a day, every day. ASUS has consistently achieved significant year-on-year growth in terms of consumer notebook units shipped too, and closed 2011 on a high with revenues hitting US$11.9 billion.

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