ASUS Zenbook UX305CA Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-05-16

Product on Review: Zenbook UX305CA Ultrabook
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ASUS
Street Price: 550 GBP / $700 USD

The primary objective with any notebook/mobile system is portability and yet all too often we find these types of product bearing a weighty chassis and featuring bulky exteriors hindering the transportation of such a device. The humble Ultrabook seeks to combat this issue by offering up a super-condensed unit, which is lightweight and still retains a solid hardware specification.

In the spotlight today is the new ASUS Zenbook UX305CA. This Ultrabook is based on Intel Skylake architecture and is available in a selection of different processor models and storage capacities. Our sample today features the Intel Core M3 6Y30 and a 128GB SSD. Not only is this sleek device compact and lightweight, but it also boasts a fan-less design for total silence.

ASUS on their UX305CA
ZenBook UX305CA is designed to go everywhere you go. Weighing a mere 1.2kg and just 1.23cm thin, it's never a burden, always a delight. But it's not just an amazingly-beautiful, lightweight laptop: it's seriously powerful too, packed with the latest high-performance technology. With ZenBook UX305CA, you can do all the incredible things you've always wanted to do, wherever you are.

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