ASUSTOR AS1002T Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-04-16

Using centralised storage on any network is fundamental to maximising productivity and adding in a NAS is a highly recommended option for users who want to get the most out of their multimedia files and generally take control of functionality.

It may surprise you that ASUSTOR has been in the market of supplying NAS products for a mere 5 years and yet in that time they’ve successfully delivered some great products – one of which includes the AS1002T we’ve looked at today.

Looking at AS1002T from an external point of view the enclosure is well-designed with an elegant exterior and an assortment of ports at the front and rear. But, as we’ve pointed out many times for both NAS and other products, acquiring the hardware is easy – the real challenge comes with the software development. Over the years we’ve had first-hand experience of products which utilise poorly developed software and this creates a real stumbling block for workflow. However, we’re really pleased with what ASUSTOR offers in their ADM software, though other rivals have been in this game for a considerably longer period of time, ASUSTOR shows proficiency with their intuitive OS.

So as far as configuration of packages and managing network access, the AS1002T is seamless in its operation and getting up and running is easy thanks to the efficient installation wizard. We encountered no problems during our experience with the unit. Setting up multimedia features is easy as we’ve demonstrated previously and there are plenty of other ASUSTOR and third-party applications for administrators to take full advantage of.

The price is a particular highlight with AS1002T because with a price-tag of just £139.99 GBP / $177 USD, those who are on a tight budget still have the opportunity to include a NAS on the home environment. The specifications aren’t mind blowing but they do allow for users to make use of common applications and generally manage their network to a good standard. Furthermore, the unit is also covered by a three-year warranty too.

The AS1002T is stylish two-bay NAS which bears a multitude of features and thanks to its low price-tag, transforming that home network won’t cost the earth!

+ Classy design
+ Great build quality
+ Dual-core support
+ Can house up to 16TB
+ USB 3.0 at front and rear
+ Great performance
+ Low fan noise
+ Feature rich operating system

- Power button is round the back
- No 2.5” drive support

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