Attitude One Almaz Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-12-13

Product on review: Almaz
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Attitude One
MSRP: €110 + VAT (approx £110 GBP)

The development of audio fashion was an inevitability and is synonymous with those popular on-ear headphones stylised with a lower case B... Moving on from that, it is an understandable move, where audio products are concerned, to hit that huge market with a stylish and sleek product that has function and value to stand out against competitors.

Attitude One have taken that formula and produced the Almaz headphones. They are available in Orange, Green, White, Blue, Black, Pink, so there is a good selection to pick your favourite from. Aside from coloured glossy plastic, these closed back on-ear headphones are armed with high performance 40mm drivers, supplied with various cables for different situations and are backed by a 2 year warranty.

Overview by Attitude One
Attitude One is launching their first line of lifestyle audio products. First out is the stylish and comfortable street headphones, Almaz with premium sound and design which separates you from the rest. The Almaz headphones are bundled with a voice communication adapter which turns it into a headset and a large pack of premium cables for easy connection to cellphones, stereo and pc.

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