Attitude One Almaz Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-12-13
Packaging & Accessories

The Almaz Packaging

The packaging quality is very high and takes a minimalistic approach with a large image of the product against a white background while the product name and company branding is present in opposing corners.

The Almaz revealed through the top

The top is a large magnetic flap that opens to reveal a window inside showing the product. On the inside of the flap there is a list of features written in English.

Lots of protection inside

Once the top part of the box has been removed, we find a lot of protective packaging, with the headphones prominently surrounding the headset microphone adaptor.

The bottom tray removed

Under all the packaging we find a manual that instructs on the differences in commands between the iDevices and Android Devices as well as general setup and information.

Inside the card tray

Spaghetti hell, wait... cables! Inside the card tray we find a lot of accessories, including a carry case, seperate 0.9m and 1.2m cables specifically for Android and iDevices as well as an immense 7m HiFi cable with 6.3mm adaptor.

Communication adaptor converts headphones into headset.

This flexible microphone plugs into the headphones with built-in in-line remote enabling the headphones to be used with a PC or various other devices as a headset.

Mobile in-line remote

Functions between iDevices and Android differ slightly but all have the expected basic features you would expect, as well as having an in-line microphone for phone calls too, which is a big plus against many competing products.

Custom jack ends

A neat feature to finish off the product are the inscribed jack ends with the A1 and Almaz logos.

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