A1 Tunguska 2.0 and v7.1 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅15-05-13
Closer Look

Looking into the ear cup.

Inside the earcups there is a fabric mesh covering coloured fabric, on the USB version however it is black on black. The dimensions of the earcups are 65mm x 52mm which is large enough for most people. The squishy earpads are coated in a soft PU leather that should lend itself to good comfort.

Cushions on the inside of the headband.

The inside of the headband has four soft cusions again covered in the black laminated leather like on the earpads. This headset is not foldable and can be adjusted by pulling the earcups down.

The microphone arm.

The microphone design blends in with the aesthetic of the headset and can be moved up and down. Strangely the mic is not removable like many headsets we have seen recently, though being aimed at gamers wanting to listen to their MP5s and not those looking for a set of headphones wanting to listen to their MP3s I don't see this as a problem.

The inline controller for the Tunguska 2.0.

A strong inline controller with simple features, volume and mic mute. Coloured to match the aesthetic of the headset. Worth mentioning the braided cable too which adds strength, twist resistance and a nice aesthetic.

The inline controller for the Tunguska v7.1 USB.

Different to the stereo version, here we get quad buttons. Volume up, down, sound mute and mic mute and some LED lighting for effect.

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