AZIO MK Retro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-02-17
Packaging & First Look

The packaging is very elegant with a metallic imprint of the product inside and some minimal branding along with the model name.

At the back there is a basic overview of the product and the design ethic behind the product. There is information about the use of clicky switches, however there is no mention of which brand switches are being used.

Inside there is a multi-lingual manual, a thank you card, as well as a micro-fibre cloth. Interestingly, the addition of this cloth suggests that we can expect it to be a dust/fingerprint magnet.

The MK Retro is a fairly minimalistic keyboard that is not just sleek, but is also visually striking due to its break from the norm of modern keyboards. Our, clearly, is the black/chrome version and aesthetically speaking, we can understand that many people will love/hate its appearance. Though, some will be very happy to note the gold plated USB connector and the braided 1.8m cable.

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