AZIO MK Retro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-02-17
As a mechanical keyboard, the MK Retro doesn't specifically offer any real advancement in terms of performance. It feels like a modern mechanical keyboard and has the features you would expect from such, fulfilling the needs of those ultra fast typists, once they have gotten used to the key-caps. Some could argue that it is a little lacklustre in regards to outright features especially when compared to mainstream 'gaming' keyboards, though, that isn't the point of the MK Retro.

AZIO have clearly set out the MK Retro to be a robust, typing keyboard that features the contemporary performance of mechanical keyboards in a specific aesthetic, and it is this aesthetic that sets it apart from its competition. The typerwriter inspired design is rather beautiful, and after spending a while with this keyboard it is hard not to be taken in by its charm. Though, on closer inspection, this charm is rather superficial. The lettering on the key caps is surface printed, meaning it may wear away over time, and the liberal use of plastics rather than metals detracts from the authenticity of the design. Finally, considering the price, we are unsure if it represents good value as it is using an unknown brand of mechanical switches, especially when there are plenty of other non-backlit mechanical keyboards in this price range that are equipped with the renowned Cherry MX.

In summary, if you love the design of the MK Retro, that alone will be the primary deciding factor as to whether or not it is for you, and if you choose to purchase this, you won't be let down by its solid performance.

AZIO certainly offer up a feast of nostalgia with the MK Retro, offering up a mechanical keyboard full of style and performance.

+ Retro typewriter aesthetics with clicky switches
+ Dust/spill proof design
+ Driverless, easy to setup
+ Full NKRO
+ Various Fn shortcuts and media keys

- Lots of plastic
- Switch reliability?
- Key-cap lettering may wear over time
- May take a little while to get used to (for typing)
- Glossy surface = dust/fingerprint magnet

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