be quiet! Dark Base 700 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-11-17

DB 700 arrives in an eco-friendly, double reinforced cardboard box. Details surrounding the case are found on the front and reverse and inside, the case is covered in a fabric sheet and held in place with dual polystyrene pillars.

Removing DB 700 from its packaging we have a very elegant and stylish computer chassis. be quiet! has opted for a “black out” on this case, avoiding the use of colour altogether – except for the use of LED strips on the outer edges.

PB 700 makes use of some transparency on the prominent side. be quiet! has equipped this case with a thick sheet of tempered glass. This allows for a complete overview of the system installed within the chassis and will certainly be ideal if you’re planning to deck the configuration out with RGB lighting.

Over on the reverse, we have a solid steel panel with no distinguishing features except on the inside, be quiet! has placed a thin layer of noise damping material to minimise noise emission.

At the very front of DB 700 we have a flat, aluminium panel with no 5.25” drive bay covers, or any other features for that matter. The only notable inclusion is that of the be quiet! logo in the lower quarter. This panel is detachable and behind it we have a single 140mm PWM fan – Silent Wings 3 (more on that later).

Around the back, we have an opening at the bottom for installing the PSU, seven PCI expansion slot covers, two vertically aligned covers and a 140mm rear exhaust cooling fan – again a Silent Wings 3 PWM fan.

All of the essential front panel connectivity options are located at the very top and they include some exciting features:

• Four stage fan controller (PWM included)
• 1x USB 3.1 Gen2 port
• Headphone and microphone jacks
• Power button
• Reset button
• LED button
• Two USB 3.0 ports

So far, this is the first case we’ve come across that has included USB 3.1 and since a lot of Intel X299 and Intel Z370 motherboards are now arriving with this connectivity for the front panel, we commend be quiet! for seizing the opportunity. The option for PWM functionality on the fan controller is also a novel idea – this front panel conveys a generous assortment of new technology that is sure to break away from the current norm in computer case design.

While at the top there are no perforated mesh panels for ventilation, we do have some incisions which will help to allow the circulation of air for any devise that might be attached to the upper section of DB 700. This top panel is again aluminium – showcasing a superior level of engineering.

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