be quiet! Dark Base 700 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-11-17

The side panels on DB 700 are fixed onto the chassis using thumbscrews – the difference with the tempered glass panel is that we have four low-profile versions. After removing these panels we’re met by a spacious internal layout and design. The motherboard tray can entertain E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and there are an assortment of tool-free mechanisms for installing hardware.

Inside, we’ve installed our ATX test system and you can see how spacious and tidy the internal layout is. The motherboard tray features a multitude of cable grommets to ensure good cable management and the lower section where the PSU is installed is completely concealed with a plastic cover to present a clean finish on the visible side. The top of the PSU shroud also allows for the installation of a single 120/140mm fan which is a handy feature to have access to.

The motherboard tray inside DB 700 can actually be inverted so that its accessible from the alternate side. (A series of screws just need to be loosened to achieve this). This is quite an innovative idea as it means if you are constrained to having your case on the desk and on the left side, you can still benefit from viewing the internal components. Additionally, we can remove the motherboard tray altogether and use it as a test bench if desired.

Routed from the front panel controls, there are quite a large bundle of cables which require attention. SATA power is needed for the PWM/LED functionality and there is a 12V RGB connection for lighting strips. The fan controller allows you to manage up to six fans across two channels – so there are additional cables designated for this also.

There are up to seven PCI expansion slot covers in DB 700 and two vertically aligned slots for those wanting to have their graphics card top-facing (though a riser cable would need to be purchased separately). A Pure Wings 3 cooling fan comes pre-installed as a rear exhaust fan.

Around the back is the location for installing storage drives. DB 700 can house up to 7x 3.5” drives or 14x 2.5” (SSDs).

Behind the motherboard tray there is space to attach SSDs – the trays just need removing and screws applied to the underside to fix the drive into place; though having a storage drive attached to the underside of the CPU socket may not be the most ideal of places since this area does generation heat.

For larger drives like a 3.5” mechanical, there is space immediately next to the PSU for attaching two drives. Trays are supplied (pictured above) and the drive simply fits into this tray and screws are attached to the sides for fixture.

The hub which is fixed to the reverse of the motherboard tray is able to accommodate up to six fans and there are switches allowing the user to use performance or silent mode. As you can see above there are two rails which each supply three fans – these switches allow you to control either of the three fans. Additionally, this hub supports RGB functionality for those wanting to add in extra lighting and have the chassis and its RGB button on the front panel control the effects.

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