be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-06-16

We’ve become quite accustomed to seeing the same features and designs being implemented in new computer cases and it’s rare to see anything which ‘breaks the mould’ but with today’s release of the Dark Base Pro 900 we’ve definitely been treated to a good helping of innovation.

Although the default layout may be fairly traditional for computer chassis design, inside, modifications to the power supply are clearly present and storage takes the form of individual, independent metal trays – instead of a series of trays consolidated into a HDD cage. In a practical sense this means that the user can choose to detach specific storage allocation to free up some space for airflow or make way for another device and while doing this the entire storage solution isn’t lost as it typically would be with a HDD cage.

This modular methodology doesn’t stop there either; the motherboard tray can be adjusted to suit a particular preference. In the vertical position we can shift the tray up and down, we can invert the tray to make use of the reverse side or we can even completely detach the tray to use it as a test bench.

Another aspect which is likely to be the first of its kind is the inclusion of a Qi Charger at the top of Dark Base Pro 900. Those with a mobile device which has wireless charging capabilities will be able to maintain a full charge within arm’s reach – an ideal accompaniment in this age of portable technology.

For the purpose of testing we used the largest form factor within Dark Base Pro 900, installing our XL-ATX test system. This case handled this configuration very well and provided us with lots of flexibility for big CPU coolers, large graphics cards and a multitude of water cooling radiators.

Dark Base Pro 900 arrives with a price-tag of £199 GBP / $250 USD which is certainly at the upper-end of the computer chassis market but we are reminded of just how flexible this case is – bearing plenty of space for expansion and utilising premium materials such as aluminium and tempered glass.

The Dark Base Pro 900 masters the art of innovation by bringing a lineup of features which will satisfy a variety of different build types. This case earns the flagship moniker in be quiet’s portfolio.


+ Sleek, stylish design
+ Premium build materials
+ Qi Charger
+ Plenty of modular storage options throughout
+ Good cooling performance
+ Includes a fan controller
+ Can house high-end hardware
+ Flexible support for water cooling

- Heavy

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