be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅29-10-12
Closer Look

The Dark Rock Pro 2 heatsink adopts a dual-radiator design with brushed aluminium plate on the topside.

In total there are 44 aluminium fins which have been coated in a dark shade of nickel, thus giving the name “Dark”. The fin design is a fairly condensed one, it features a series of jagged fins similar to those found on the Noctua NH-D14 but Dark Rock Pro 2 has a dipped contour, be quiet! believe this optimises airflow for the cooler.

A dual-radiator design with brushed aluminium top plate

Jagged fins with dipped contour

At the top of Dark Rock Pro 2 is a brushed aluminium plate which has again been given a nice coating of black. This plate has plastic studs covering the top of the heatpipes. It’s uncertain why be quiet! have implemented such a feature as there is no explanation on their website but with it being aluminium this probably assists with heat dissipation.

Dark Rock Pro 2 utilises seven copper heatpipes which pass through the base which is again is copper. The idea, as with all CPU coolers is for the heat to be taken off the CPU – through the pipes, then distributed over the fins and pushed away via the cooling fans. This baseplate is highly reflective, has a mirror finish and thus gives an impression of what is placed underneath it.

The top of Dark Rock Pro 2

Seven copper heatpipes with reflective base

Dark Rock Pro 2’s cooling fans come with the fan clips already attached. These clips offer a very secure method to fasten the fans to the heatsink, so much so they can be quite tedious to remove due to tightness, but we can forgive be quiet! for this because the method is a very good one. We’ve seen other fan clips which are tedious to apply but do not offer a confident fitment and this is of course a totally different story.

The clips fit between the fin stack and then into a cavity between the tower.

Fan clips offer a very reliable fitment

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