be quiet! Pure Base 500 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-09-19

Knowing that the Pure Base Series is designed to appeal to value conscience system builders and learning of the initial price tag of the Pure Base 500, we weren’t too optimistic about the end product, but we have to say that after spending a week with this new model we’ve been mightily impressed.

Opting for a sleek external design, the Pure Base 500 continues with be quiet’s trademark appearance. Those who favour a different variant to what we’ve been checking out will be pleased to know there are three colours available, each having a window or non-windowed version, which should cater for different preferences.

The built quality is what surprised us the most. be quiet! hasn’t cut any corners here and in fact, they seem to have gone beyond what other manufacturers offer at this pricepoint . Pure Base has been engineered to a high standard and this manifests itself in the chassis, side panels, and even the interchangeable plates.

Even though this enclosure is designed to be compact, it still offers enough space for a catalogue of high-performance kit, whether that is the larger CPU coolers, high-end GPUs or even different sized radiators.

Admittedly the cooling could be better but Pure Base 500 isn’t designed to top the leaderboard for thermal performance – low-noise is the aim of the game here and with this territory, comes the evitable higher temperatures. Though they aren’t anything to be concerned about!

Our non-windowed version of Pure Base 500 is priced at £62 GBP / $69 USD which is excellent value for money based on what is being offered. We highly recommend this case!

Pure Base 500 is a sleek, compact computer case which is backed by solid build quality and an assortment of great features. All, at a reasonable cost.

+ Available in black or white
+ Low-noise
+ Excellent build quality
+ Interchangeable top panel
+ Good storage options
+ Strong on cable management
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Fits different sized radiators
+ Multiple variants available – colours/window

- Cooling performance isn’t amazing

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